Ken Lingenfelter opens doors to his collection for charity [w/video]

Back in 2009, we gave you an inside look at a truly amazing car collection located in Michigan. At the time, the owner preferred an air of anonymity, so we referred to him as the "Sultan of Michigan," which is a moniker we've since learned he dislikes and we won't be using anymore. His collection is both expansive and all-encompassing, containing automobiles from a range of eras and locations. The man's name is Ken Lingenfelter (cousin of the late John Lingenfelter), and the doors to his collection will open to the public on Saturday, June 18th.

For $15, you will gain access to a collection of over 150 vehicles that range from early Chevrolet Corvettes to the Ferrari Enzo wearing build plaque number 399. Lingenfelter has amassed the type of automotive showcase that makes all enthusiasts envious, while also providing a timeline of exciting vehicles that spans decades.

This isn't just about viewing a collection that's rarely shared with the public. Ken Lingenfelter is hosting the event to support the Detroit Institute of Opthalmology. The organization is devoted to being the leader in collaboration of vision related research, and a champion of helping those with impaired vision.

You can get a look at Lingenfelter's cars by way of the Lingenfelter Collection website. If you're in the Brighton, Michigan area, however, we suggest you pony up some dough and see the vehicles in person. You'll feel good about helping a charity, and we'll feel jealous that we're not there to see the cars for ourselves. This is a collection that is not open to the public, but is occasionally available for car clubs to view when they donate proceeds of the viewing to charity.

Tickets can be purchased online, over the phone (313-824-4710), or at the door (7819 Lochlin
Brighton, MI). We've gone ahead and posted an older video showing just a portion of the Lingenfelter Collection after the break.


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