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We've been through a lot of great car collections and museums over the years, but even we have to admit that we've never seen a private collection like this. Assembled by a shadowy figure known only as "The Sultan of Michigan," this cache has something for car enthusiasts of most every stripe, although the focus is clearly on vintage and present-day muscle and Eighties-and-up supercars. Truck enthusiasts, vintage foreign guys and brass car enthusiasts will largely have to look elsewhere, but it's a magnificent collection, with the most flabbergasting thing being that it appears to be up-to-the-minute current.

The whereabouts and ownership of the collection are two things that the owner prefers to keep private – we actually have confirmation on both, but prefer to respect privacies. What we can confirm is that this treasure trove is, in fact, located in Michigan, which is both heartening (to know that such wealth and mechanical beauty still exists in the state) and somewhat confounding (as the area lacks truly great winding roads on which to exploit much of the machinery). In either case, the collection is generally kept under wraps, although periodically we understand that the owner invites in selected parties to share in the gorgeousness. Some of the folks at are obviously part of the 'inner circle' judging by the video and this photo gallery. Follow the jump to take the tour for yourself. Thanks to Andrew Weber for use of his video, and we appreciate the tips, Justin and Evan!

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