Potential Chevy Volt buyer turned off by $4,300 "market availability adjustment"

With reports constantly pouring in suggesting that some dealerships continue to mark up prices on the Chevrolet Volt, it's no surprise that a New Hampshire resident and potential Volt buyer stumbled upon one of Chevy's plug-ins with a price tag of $48,995. This particular New Hampshire man went down to test drive a Volt at the nearest dealership that had one in stock, which meant venturing all the way to Connecticut.
Upon arrival, the potential plug-in vehicle buyer was shocked to see that the Volt's window sticker included a $4,300 "market availability adjustment," which he likened to the dealership basically saying, "We're overcharging because we can." The salesman, in an attempt to justify the markup, claimed the dealership had previously had an intense bidding war among several potential buyers and sold a Volt for nearly $49,000. The dealership proceeded to tell the New Hampshire resident that it'll have another Volt on the lot "around the end of the summer." Wanna bet that Volt will have some sort of "market availability adjustment" too? Hat tip to Tom!

[Source: Google Docs]

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