Chevy Volt dealer markup pushes buyer to reserve Nissan Leaf

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Some Chevrolet dealerships have been warned not to sell the Volt above the $41,000 MSRP, but that hasn't stopped other dealers from marking up prices on Chevy's plug-in vehicle. Earlier this month, Motor Trend reported that a dealer in Florida had a Volt listed at $65,590, and others with stickers ranging from $46,293 to $49,000.

Apparently, this type of price gouging is becoming a trend. Automotive News reports that when Richard Kaufman visited a Los Angeles area Chevrolet dealership intent on buying the Volt, he stormed out when the salesperson quoted him a final price of $46,000. A fuming Kaufman told AN that:
It's morally wrong, and it's not good business. GM not only lost me on this Volt, they lost me for a lifetime.
Frustrated by the whole ordeal, Kaufman rushed to a nearby Nissan dealership and immediately signed up for the Leaf. Anyone else have a story about trying to buy a Volt, good or bad?

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