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Some dealers asking $100,000-plus for Daytona-edition Dodge Charger SRT Hellcats

If you thought $4,500 was a lot to ask for 10 horsepower and some stickers, this will seem outrageous

2020 Toyota Supra listed for $100,000 at Baltimore dealer

Nearly double price of Launch Edition — and that may not be the worst dealer markup in the country

Dealer markups for Jeep Gladiator sometimes $20,000 over sticker price

Dealers across the country are trying to cash in on the Jeep pickup

Dealers across the country are trying to cash in on the Jeep pickup.

Ally to pay $98M to settle ethnicity-based discriminatory lending practice probe

Ally Financial has agreed to pay a $98-million fine to settle an investigation into unfair lending practices overseen by the Justice Department and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). In an investigation of lending practices in the year after April 2011, the government agencies determined that Ally Financial and Ally Bank charged roughly 235,000 Asian/Pacific Islander, Black and Hispanic borrowers higher interest rates than their credit profiles warranted and higher rates than white

Potential Chevy Volt buyer turned off by $4,300 "market availability adjustment"

With reports constantly pouring in suggesting that some dealerships continue to mark up prices on the Chevrolet Volt, it's no surprise that a New Hampshire resident and potential Volt buyer stumbled upon one of Chevy's plug-ins with a price tag of $48,9

Nissan can't prevent GT-R markups at dealer level

Despite floating a plan that would attempt to stop the inevitable customer speculation in the GT-R by voiding the car's warranty if it were sold in the first year, Nissan has come to the conclusion that they are, frankly, powerless to stop it. The company says it gave up on the plan because it wouldn't be fair to the guy who really had to sell his car within that time.