Glenn Beck goes off on GM's Akerson over proposed $1 gas tax, calls Volt "crappy" [w/video]

Glenn Beck on the gas tax – Click above to watch video after the jump

If there's one thing that is fast becoming true about the Chevy Volt, it's that right-wing political pundits really, really don't like it. So, we will admit up front that this story comes straight out of the "predictable/it's not news when an idiot says something stupid" file, but it's still worth something.

What's the deal? Well, apparently, Fox News' Glenn Beck and Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain think it's beyond the pale for General Motors' CEO, Dan Akerson, to have called for an increase in the gas tax. Beck got his dander up, saying to Akerson (through the camera):

I've seen your crappy new electric car, and no one's buying it... A 50-cent gas tax would make everyone puke. A dollar might make me puke my heart and lungs. There is a bi-partisan pukage going on here with GM, and that's what happens when gas goes up.

There's nothing in the way of context or reasons why a gas tax might be a good thing, but Beck does draw ties between Akerson and George Soros (one of Beck's favorite targets) and others through the Carlyle Group. See for yourself after the jump. The gas tax discussion starts at minute 26:30.

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