Should governments be allowed to ban drop-outs from getting licensed? [w/poll]

Passing your high school courses and passing your driver's license test are two very different things. Though they're independent of each other now, lawmakers in some states are trying to tie the two together. Certain states are examining legislation that would bar high school drop-outs from getting a driver's license.

States including Georgia, Massachusetts, Texas, New York and Michigan, are in favor of these anti-drop measures. The idea behind the proposed laws is that kids would be more likely to stay in school if the privilege of driving an automobile were at stake. Other states, like California, Illinois, Florida and Ohio don't see things the same way. Those against the laws argue that parents are ultimately the ones who should be in charge of revoking driving privileges, not the state.

What say you? Should the drop-outs be banned from driving, or is this a case of the government crossing the line? Sound off in the comments, and be sure to answer the poll below.

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