Canadian motorist's license revoked without driving conviction

Nova Scotian Lee Wilbur is without a driving license, and his Registry of Motor Vehicles isn't looking to give him a new one anytime soon. What did Mr. Wilbur do? According to the CBC, he tailgated and flashed his high beams at a woman who cut him off, while she was talking on her cell phone. That's it, according to Lee. Four months later, he received a ticket for failing to remain at the scene of an accident, and his license was toast.
The odd part, is that Wilbur was never convicted of any crime, and his case was dismissed. Despite this, the RMV refuses to give Wilbur a new license and has denied his appeal of their decision. While we can't condone tailgating and even the minor bouts of road rage, this appears to be a case of one group stepping over the limits of its power, and the full story posted over at CBC News Canada will only have you scratching your head.

Is there a side of this story we're missing, or is the Canadian government coming down a little too hard on Wilbur? Sound off in Comments.

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