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James May addresses end of Top Gear rumors

James May talks about the end of Top Gear – Click above to watch video after the jump

Reports of the demise of Top Gear have been greatly exaggerated. So says James May, in response to a bit of kerfuffle in he may have caused when speaking at a recent fashion event. Per the Daily Telegraph, May stated that Top Gear only has a short shelf life. More media outlets jumped on the quip, and reports began to fly anew about the end of the globally popular television series (this isn't the first time rumors like this have surfaced).

James May was asked about the quote on Absolute Radio, where he clarified his statement. What he actually said was that BBC program wouldn't last forever with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and himself at the helm. That's true, seeing as the three hosts aren't robots and have yet to discover a fountain of youth.

We plan on enjoying the world's best motoring show for years to come, and you can enjoy May's radio interview in the clip posted after the jump.

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