Spyker CFO steps down, Saab gets big order

Spyker has announced that Hans Go will step down as the company's Chief Financial Officer on July 1. Automotive News reports that since the sports car manufacturer's operations are being sold to Vladimir Antonov, the Spyker group will now focus solely on Saab. Rob Schuyt is currently acting CFO for the company, but the Swedish automaker is expected announce a permanent CFO later this year. Schuyt is also serving as the statutory director of Saab as well. Meanwhile, things are looking up for the embattled carmaker, as its new Chinese partner Pang Da placed an order for a whopping 630 vehicles.

All told, that deal will be worth around €15 million, or $21.69 million at current conversion rates. According to Automotive News, Pang Da eventually wants to snag a 24 percent equity stake in Saab for a total investment of around €65 million ($94M). That stake is part of a greater deal worth around €110 million ($160M).

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