Porsche denies KERS-equipped 911 reports

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Sources within Porsche told us that KERS would be available throughout the entire next-gen 911 range, but now, a Porsche executive calls it "nonsense." While the automaker is developing ways to make electric range extenders work in some Porsche models, a hybrid 911 reportedly isn't in the cards – for now.

When and if there's a 911 hybrid, it will be a long way down the line and will likely employ a plug-in system rather than a KERS-style regenerative braking setup. The reason the 911 won't get a hybrid drive anytime soon is pretty simple: Porsche has no interest in homogenizing its driving experience across the entire lineup.

Since electrics deliver all their power from zero rpm, they offer an extremely predictable power curve, and Porsche would rather each of its cars vary from its stablemates in power delivery and behavior. For now, it seems hybrid technology will be limited to the likes of the Panamera and Cayenne.

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