Italian beauty and absurdity extend to gas stations in Cuneo, Italy

Italian gas station by Damilano Studio Architects - Click above for high-res image gallery

When luxury becomes a commodity, there's little left but to make commodities luxurious. This is a newly constructed gas station in Cuneo, Piemonte, Italy, designed by Damilano Studio Architects, and it's rather pleasant to look at if modern architecture is your thing. Reinforced concrete enclosing a glass wall creates staggered, latitudinal forms that are sliced by aluminum canopies front and back, with blood red fuel pumps.

We have no idea if a beautiful station sells more fuel or makes the Skittles taste better, but a little more pulchritude in one's day never hurt, did it? As to that absurdity, around back is a red steel block bearing a work of art that looks like a long armed, dog-headed man on a toilet. It is actually "a wolf howling, illuminated at night, draw[ing] attention to the urgent needs." Now that will definitely make the Skittles taste better. Thanks for the tip, John!

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