Cars 2 trailer remade in Lego Land

Cars 2 trailer in Lego – Click above to watch the video after the break

Cars 2 Lego charactersIf there's a cooler child's toy for adults than a box of Legos, we don't know what it is. To wit, it's possible to take a couple handfuls of Lego blocks and assemble a miniature car... or a couple hundred pounds of the bricks to make a full-size car. And since you're apparently someone who, like us, obsesses over the automobile, there's really no better way to spend quality time with the kids than joining them in a marathon session of Lego building.

But what if you have even grander Lego-based aspirations? The sky's the limit as far as Legos go, as evidenced by the video you're about to watch after the break. Combining two of our most recent we're-really-too-old-for-this obsessions, one pioneering Lego building team recreated the entire trailer for Pixar's Cars 2 using nothing but little plastic building blocks. Well, they may have cheated a little with lighting and, of course, cameras... but we won't hold that against them for such a worthwhile endeavor.

See for yourself in the video after the break.

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