Mercedes-Benz working on Bentley Continental rival?

Xentatec Maybach Cruiserio right front
Xentatec Maybach Cruiserio right front
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Xenatec Maybach Cruiserio – Click above for high-res image gallery

Last week we brought you reports of the next-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class expanding into numerous body-styles, but the coupe, convertible and pair of sedans in two different wheelbase lengths may not be the extent of it. Reports indicate that Daimler is considering a new four-door coupe to slot in above the CLS.

The model would target the Bentley Continental in a high-end model with even more dramatic styling (for those who feel the second-generation CLS is too conservative) and a range of AMG engines to help justify the engrossed pricetag.

While the new model is being touted as a Mercedes, a potential Maybach version could also be in the cards, like the Xenatec Cruiserio coupe pictured above.

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