Aston Martin planning two or three Lagonda models

Aston Martin Lagonda Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Earlier this year, we reported that Aston Martin had allegedly given its Lagonda crossover concept the green light for production. Now, in speaking to Europe's CAR magazine, Aston CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez has confirmed that the concept will spawn "two or three" new Lagonda models.

Aston Martin is planning two full-fledged Lagonda crossovers – one that focuses on sport, and one more geared to all-terrain prowess, along the lines of the Audi Allroad, according to CAR. The sporty Lagonda would likely use a low-riding chassis and larger 21-inch wheels, while the more traditional CUV would have more modest suspension and wheel fittings.

The third potential offering? A luxury sedan not unlike the original Lagonda four-door from decades ago. CAR reports that, like Aston's smaller Cygnet, the Lagonda sedan would combine traditional luxury amenities with "advanced packaging and a sophisticated drivetrain."

No word on how long it will take Aston Martin to ready its Lagonda sub-brand, but since the company seems to be quite serious about launching this duo (or trio) of vehicles, we could see something crop up within the next few years.

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