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As far as automakers go, Lagonda has something of a checkered past. Founded in 1906 by a former Scottish-American opera singer, Lagonda built its own cars in the UK up until WWII, after which it was bought by Aston Martin.

The joint company only sporadically used the Lagonda name over the course of subsequent decades, building the Lagonda Rapide in the early 60s, the knife-edged Aston Martin Lagonda sedan in the 70s and 80s, a series of sedans built on Aston Martin underpinnings in the 70s and again in the late 90s, and a couple of concept cars here and there. The Lagonda Vignale concept bowed at the 1993 Geneva Motor Show, and two years ago, the crossover concept above was unveiled to largely negative reviews at the same show.

People may not have cared for the showcar, but Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. (as the company is known in full) insists that it was the form – not the idea itself – that was rejected by the public. Based on that assessment, plans are reportedly proceeding to revive Lagonda as a brand of high-end SUVs.

Rather than badge-engineering a version of the Aston Martin Rapide, Autocar suggests that Lagonda will target emerging markets like Russia and China with a range of luxury crossovers. The reported £100-300k ($160-480k) price spread will put it far above even fully-spec'ed out versions of the Porsche Cayenne and Land Rover Range Rover. Underpinnings could be borrowed from Mercedes-Benz, particularly if plans for AML to produce the next generation of Maybach luxury cruisers go through.

[Source: Autocar]

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