Volkswagen Camper Van is back... in tent form

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Volkswagen Camper Van tent – Click above for high-res image gallery

Fancy a camping trip? You could go out into the wilderness and pitch a tent, or you could take a van like an original Volkswagen bus and enjoy the great outdoors through its windows. But if both of these sound enticing, there's a third option: the Volkswagen Camper Van tent. Yep.

Officially licensed by Volkswagen, this tent replicates the outside of '65 VW Type 2 Transporter van at full scale. Available in red, yellow or blue, it can accommodate four adults in two separate zippered roomms, which could be perfect for reliving those memories from the Summer of Love – or living them again for the first time when that acid flashback kicks in. Deliveries begin in August, but you can pre-order yours now at for about $480.

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