Top Gear USA host Rutledge Wood picks up a Buick Roadmaster wagon

Rutledge Wood, part of the Top Gear trio here in the States that went out to find the best car from GM's recent past, (wisely) picked a Buick Roadmaster as his steed. He then used the wagon to wind up victorious over the choices of his co-hosts. Now, Rutledge has shown that he truly cares about the LT1-powered five-door, as he just purchased a 1996 example to put in his own driveway.

Regardless of your stance on the U.S.-version of Top Gear, you have to admire a man who understands the timeless appeal of a good station wagon. Cadillac CTS-V Sport Wagon owners should look upon the Buick Roadmaster with a fond gaze, because the Roadmaster is part of your hot-rod wagon's DNA.

This may not be the 2011 Buick Roadmaster that Rutledge was hoping for, but we're pretty sure he's still smitten with his new ride.

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