Cadillac ATS to show how much GM learned from the BMW 3 Series

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Cadillac ATS spy shots – Click above for high-res image gallery

General Motors wants so badly for the upcoming Cadillac ATS to rock our worlds on all markets (i.e., not just in North America) that a source within the automaker has told us that the BMW 3 Series has been a prime focal point for benchmarking the Baby Caddy.

We always suspected this should happen, but then GM hasn't had much of a tradition of reacting quickly until recently. According to our source, teams at GM have basically stripped various 3 Series cars down to bare naked chassis bits and pieces, and fully intend on emulating an awful lot of what they see there, while, it can be assured, making it all correct for the Cadillac brand.

Sounds intensely good to us. Jeez, mega-millions for Bowling Green to hopefully try and finally keep Corvette interiors from smelling like toxic plastic in the hot summer sun, and now a smaller Cadillac that will actually drive and feel like the Standard of the World? Is it too good to be true?

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