Texas motorists a little overexcited about first In-N-Out Burger

The first Texas In-N-Out Burger draws a crowd - Click above to watch video after the jump

By all accounts, In-N-Out Burger makes a delicious sandwich. The chain has been a fixture in California for decades, but has only recently begun creeping its way across the country, bringing its much-lauded burgers to those who don't live in SoCal. In-N-Out's nostalgia for 1950s and '60s carhop burger joints and cruise night culture is another big consumer draw.

When In-N-Out opened up its first franchise in Texas last week, the restaurant's renown had people lined up for miles to get their hands on one of the joint's never-frozen patties. The line was so impressive that the cops showed up to deploy cones and direct traffic safely through the parking lot and drive through.

While In-N-Out makes a good burger, it can't possibly be worth voluntarily subjecting yourself to a mile-long traffic jam. Let's not forget that this is just the drive-thru line. We can only imagine the chaos inside the restaurant. Click past the jump to see the madness for yourself.

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