Time-lapse parking lot problem solving

Parking lot problem solving - Click above to watch video after the jump

We aren't sure what country this is, but parking-lot etiquette is clearly a foreign concept. Even without the the guy who thinks it's just peachy-keen to block everyone else in, this lot is a circus.

When faced with adversity, however, those affected by their fellow motorist's lack of consideration respond with aplomb. While we'd have just hopped the curb and driven across the grass to avoid the melee, the drivers in the video embedded after the jump above took it upon themselves to do a little rearranging.

With some careful pushing and shoving, a little guidance and a healthy dose of skill, these guys manage to weasel their way out of what an infuriating situation. In the end, they even returned one of the cars they moved to its rightful spot. When life gives you lemons...

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