Friends videotape man "trapped" inside C6 Corvette with dead battery

How NOT to get out of a C6 Corvette – Click above to watch video after the jump

Are sixth-generation Chevrolet Corvette coupes attempting to take out their owners? After one man recently became "trapped" inside his ZR1, another driver, captured above, also believed he was stuck inside his 'Vette. The real issue here, however, isn't folks being outsmarted by their cars; it's that vehicle owners don't even bother learning how their cars work.

When the battery dies on a C6 Corvette, the door-release buttons stop working. General Motors isn't in the business of creating sports cars that turn into traps, so it installs (very obviously marked) levers on the floor that, when pulled, manually open the doors. Not rocket science, guys. No need to panic. But hey, when you do freak out, and your friends are kind enough to find it hilarious and videotape it, well, we're happy to share.

Click past the jump to watch. Just be advised: the language is not safe for work.

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