Motorist impaled by fence post survives [w/animation]

Man survives after being impaled by two-inch pipe – Click above to watch the video after the jump

We're not sure if Andrew Linn is the luckiest man alive or the least lucky, but either way we have no idea how he could survive a two-inch pipe passing through his face and out the back of his head. Linn somehow left the road and hit a chain-link fence (he has no recollection of the event), and when the fence broke apart, the two-inch pipe at the top of the fence snapped off, traveled through the windshield, under Linn's nose and through his neck. Doctors say that if the pipe entered at any other point or at a slightly different angle, Linn would have been killed instantly.

Hit the jump to watch the ABC News report, which includes an animation that shows how the Dodge Charger may have struck the fence and lead to the pipe passing through Linn. We know it's just pixels, but we can't help but shriek every time we see the pipe pass strategically though his neck. Ouch.

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