Lamborghini tipped to produce 20 examples of the Sesto Elemento at €2M apiece

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When Lamborghini unveiled the Sesto Elemento concept car at the Paris Motor Show last year, few thought it would ever get past the show stand. Sure, elements of its lightweight construction would trickle down to future production models, but as for producing the Sesto as is seemed rather outside of the realm of possibility. But then the rumors began circulating.

In the wake of the show car's debut, we began receiving reports that Lamborghini was, indeed, preparing to put it into production, albeit severely limited. Then follow-up reports suggested that the car could be strictly limited to closed circuits in order to avoid costly homologation procedures.

Now those rumors are rounding the mill again, as Sant'Agata reportedly prepares to bring the Sesto Elemento to market. If and when it does, Lamborghini will count on the concept's advanced composite construction to stick to the 995-kilogram (2,200-pound) curb weight. Coupled with the Gallardo's 5.2-liter V10 engine – possibly tuned for extra power – the production model is expected to hit 62 from a standstill in just 2.5 seconds, making it quicker even than the new Aventador which hits highway speeds in just 2.9.

Somewhere along the way, the Reventón-matching million-Euro price tag that we thought was astronomical already will reportedly double to €2 million, or around $2.8 million USD based on current exchange rates. That's an enormous chunk of change, especially for a car you can't even take out onto the street. But considering the multi-millionaires who drop bigger figures on decommissioned F1 cars just for track days, the Raging Bull marque could very well have little trouble offloading the 20 examples pegged for production.

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