Collision shop offers free loaner Nissan Leafs

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Don Blazer owns West Hills Collision Center in Portland, OR. Additionally, Blazer holds the keys to a pair of Nissan Leafs, and, are you ready for this, he's willing to hand them over for free. You see, Blazer's collision shop currently has two Leafs that it loans to customers free of charge. As Blazer says:
Normally, I would not loan out this expensive of a vehicle but right now there is a very limited number of electric vehicles available. Of the 50,000 body shops in the United States I know of none using electric vehicles as loaner or replacement rental cars.
Blazer firmly believes that after a week behind the wheel of an electric vehicle (EV), most people will see that plug-ins can meet their needs. Blazer has almost exclusively driven EVs for the past seven years and says that the Leaf is the type of vehicle that he's been waiting for, meaning its a highway-capable automobile that's reliable, can operate in a wide range of driving conditions and plugs into a standard outlet, if needed.

The first free loaner Leaf was given to a customer on March 3. The vehicle in for repairs? A Toyota Prius.

Nissan Leaf
Nissan Leaf
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