New Stratos takes to the track, teaches history lesson

New Lancia Stratos becomes a part of history – Click above to watch the video

The new Ferrari F430 Scuderia-based Lancia Stratos has been the darling of the interwebs since it was first teased in 2009. Over the last two years, it's made it from a simple sketch to a very real, very fast, very rare tribute to a true motorsports legend.

To give the car the introduction it deserves, its builders have combined footage of the original Stratos tearing its way through Europe's rally passes with film of the new car doing its thing on a modern race track. The effect is a hoontastic history lesson and tribute to both cars.

Unfortunately for us, the video is entirely in German, but the footage is cool enough to bridge any language barrier. The full 13-minute video resides after the jump. Continue reading.

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