BMW teases 2012 1 Series [w/video]

With the 2012 BMW 1 Series nearing its debut, BMW has released a painfully vague teaser image of its next small car. We already have a good indication of the car's five-door shape, thanks to a crack team of spy photographers, but a second version is in the works, and judging by the profile, it's likely a three-door hatch.

However the model lineup shakes out for the next 1 Series, we can expect the five-door to hit production first, followed shortly thereafter by the second variant. To get ready for the cars' debut, BMW is readying a new ad blitz featuring two siblings under the slogan "one origin, two originals."

For now, we're left with pure speculation about what shape the next 1 Series will take. Before the car is revealed fully, we wouldn't be surprised if BMW cranks out another teaser or two to keep the guessing game in full swing. Head past the jump to check out the ads for the car.

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