Autocar puts the Renault Twizy through its paces

2012 Renault Twizy – Click above to view video at Autocar

Autocar got its hands on the 2012 Renault Twizy and took the opportunity to put the electric scooter-cum-city car through its paces. The two-seat runabout isn't due until March, 2012, when it'll hit the streets of Europe hoping to be the next big thing in the microcar segment.

While the diminutive Renault may look like a glorified golf cart, and manages a lowly 47-mph top speed, it picks up with gusto and handles well, thanks to its mass being concentrated close to the ground. As you may imagine for a car of its size, it zips around a tight cone course with no issues.

Couple the Twizy's impressive dynamics with an 80-mile range, and you have a viable scooter alternative for those who just can't stand the incessant buzzing of a 50cc engine. The chances of the Twizy ever arriving in the States is nil, thanks to its microscopic girth and limited range. Head to Autocar to see the review for yourself.

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