Audi cancels R4, delays A2

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Audi e-Tron Detroit Concept - Click above for high-res image gallery

Rumors are kicking around the interwebs that Audi has outright axed the delicious R4. The vehicle was intended to drop into the company's model line just below the TT, borrow more than a few styling cues from the luscious e-tron Detroit Concept and get its power from a range of efficient and powerful diesel engines. If that sounds good enough to bring a tear to your eye, get ready for some real waterworks. According to reports, the model has been canned because it would step on too many familial toes. In addition to robbing sales from the TT, Audi is worried that Porsche Boxster and Cayenne sales may see a hit, as well.

In addition, the R4 platform-mate, the Volkswagen BlueSport has also been scrapped due to cost concerns.

If that's not enough of a beating for your, Audi has one last kick in the ribs to share: the A2 resurrection has also been delayed until at least 2016. The reason? The German automaker doesn't want to have to shell out for a unique chassis for the vehicle and instead wants to find a suitable sister model to help spread the cost around.

Still, these reports come from various murky sources. Audi has yet to say word one about either the R4 or the A2.

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