Mercedes-Benz Drive & Seek action movie stars C-Class, scantily clad bank robbers

Mercedes-Benz Drive & Seek – Click above to watch the video after the jump

Part of what made the The Driver, the series of BMW films with Clive Owen, so compelling was that it was well written, it was underplayed, and as far as action films went it didn't obliterate believability. The laconic Owen was able to sell hopped-up adventures with his relaxed delivery of cutting lines, and it was credulous that a driver-for-hire made his living in a 5 Series.

The Mercedes-Benz movie Drive & Seek, however, throws all of that away. A promotional piece for the C-Class Coupe, it's slick, utterly good looking, outrageously over-the-top, and goofy in every way possible. The only reason we know it's not a Michael Bay film is that nothing explodes, otherwise it prays at his altar: a hot woman in a bathing suit (Kate Nauta, from The Transporter 2), hot women in white skinsuits robbing a bank, gunfire in an expensive suit, an absurd car chase... and some other stuff. If that's your bag, there's 9:25 of it in the video after the jump.

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