First Lexus LFA delivered to UK

Lexus LFA at the Goodwood Motor Circuit – Click above to watch the video after the jump

When it comes to the Lexus LFA, there's plenty to be excited about. There is the 552 horsepower V10 with a 9,500 rpm redline, the carbon fiber monocoque, the fantastic performance stats... we could go on, but we'd rather let the Brits take over.

Hit the jump to witness the first Lexus LFA delivered to our island ally. The greatest-ever Lexus made an appearance at the Supercar Sunday Breakfast Club at the Goodwood Motor Circuit, and it promptly led to a bit of drooling and gushing. The hot-to-trot LFA seduced the crowds with it's luxury and gadgetry, but it won our hearts when we heard the Formula One-like engine as it roared to life.

Hit the jump to watch the video for yourself, but if you're a Ferrari fanboy, please don't ex-communicate the guy who said he'd trade in his Maranello masterpiece for an LFA. He may have simply gotten caught up in the moment...

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