1977 International Loadstar scrapes the pavement on its way to stance nation

The "stance movement" refers to an automotive style that looks at vehicles and thinks they need to be sitting lower... a lot lower. If there was a way to push the frame rails through the ground, someone in stance nation would do it. The style of these "stanced" cars and trucks is hit or miss, some look low and lovely while others just look broken. We thought this style was only popular amongst the standard daily-driven machines populating our roadways, but we were wrong. We've just learned that in a very big (yet still low) way thanks to one individual's slammed 1977 International Loadstar.

This is more than just a cut-down big-rig, content to crush the pavement beneath it. This truck has received major attention, and the fabrication work is quite impressive. All the seams on the body have been welded to give the cab a clean look. The wheels have been milled down to wear Falken rubber. Running under the cab and out the back, the frame has been sealed so air can pass through it, allowing it to serve as a 25-gallon tank used to operate the air-bag suspension system. No small task, considering the truck weighs over 10,000-pounds.

Under the hood, this International is powered by a 7.3-liter Ford diesel engine pulled from a 1991 E-350. It's been upgraded with the turbocharger from a 2002 Powerstroke, and the intercooler courtesy of a Dodge vehicle. Put it all together and it's one impressive piece of machinery. We'd love to see it sitting a few inches higher than zero, but we'll gladly give a thumbs up if we ever get to see it rumbling by.

Head over to StanceIsEverything.com for more information and some excellent photographs of the customized rig.

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