Zotye electric taxi burst into flames in China

The second plug-in vehicle related fire in 2011 has come to our attention. Apparently, sometime in mid-April, an electric Zotye Multipla taxi burst into flames in Hangzhou, China. Firefighters supposedly arrived at the scene within minutes, but couldn't control the blaze. According to the China Auto Web, the vehicle turned into a "fireball," but luckily, the driver and two passengers escaped without injury. The exact cause of the fire has not been revealed.

Hangzhou is said to be a pioneer among Chinese cities in the deployment of plug-in vehicles. In late January, the city announced that 15 electric Zotye Multiplas and 15 battery-powered Haima Freema would serve as taxicabs on its streets. Plans had called for that electric fleet to hit 200 units by year's end, but the blaze is likely to alter the city's scheme. The Hangzhou New Energy Taxi Company – the firm that operates the city's electric taxis – announced within hours after the incident that all 30 vehicles were to be pulled from the streets immediately. Let's hope this kind of negative reaction to plug-in vehicles doesn't spread from incidents like these. Click here to see images of the vehicle ablaze.

[Source: China Auto Web via All Cars Electric]

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