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China’s Zotye says it has enlisted 100 U.S. retailers for 2021 launch

But there are major questions about the automaker's solvency back home

Demand for Zotye - the $20,000, highway speed, electric SUV - much larger than expected

I recently wrote about a company called Spark EV that plans to sells Zotye, a $20,000, highway speed, electric SUV soon. Unfortunately, the order page says the company is not taking new orders even though it seemed the cars were for sale. What's going on? Too much demand! Michael Papp of Spark EV tells me his "back of my mind" goal for

Zotye electric SUV: $20,000, highway speed, 100-mile range and just 60 DAYS AWAY!

I was watching a new report about Arkansas' first electric car dealership, Electric Transportation of Arkansas (you can see it for yourself below the fold). Electric car dealerships that sell low speed electric vehicles you can legally drive around most neighborhoods aren't anything new in the U.S. I was almost not going to write about it ... until the newscaster says the ETA will