GearHeadDeals is like Groupon for the car crowd

Hyundai may have been the first automaker to officially partner up with Groupon, but that doesn't mean that the automotive obsessed can't find similar deals elsewhere. Gearhead Deals rounds up all of the best steals of the interwebs for your car in one location. The site picks up automotive-related deals from sites like Amazon as well as directly from manufacturers.

Rebates, coupon deals and discount items are all listed daily for your enjoyment. If you're quick, you can save some serious cash on everything from brake fluid to full tool sets, jacks, wheels, tires and various electronic gadgetry.

Just be aware that some of the deals have expiration dates. The upside is that, unlike Groupon, you don't have to actually buy into the deal in order to reap the benefits. The savings are there for one and all. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got to go figure out how we're going to make more room in the garage for all our swag.

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