Brammo to challenge other electrics, gassers in MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross 2011

Click above to watch video of 2010 Quantya Race after the jump

Electric motocross machines will face off against both each other and gas-powered bikes again this year at the 2011 MiniMoto SX Energy Crisiscross in Las Vegas, and a new manufacturer will be in the mix looking for some respect in the dirt. Brammo is throwing its hat in the motocross ring that has been, until now, the exclusive stomping jumping grounds of Quantya and Zero Motorcycles.

If Brammo wants to avoid embarrassment, the team may want to consider bringing something other than a beefed-up Enertia to the party. Zero has greatly improved on the bikes that gave it 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places at last year's event and has again recruited some pro riders to help give them the coveted number one spot. The guys on the gassers are also likely to put up a good fight.

The action is likely to be even more exciting this year with a new, larger course planned for the South Point Arena. More speed and higher jumps all sound good in a race to show that internal combustion isn't the only means of motivating ourselves. For a taste of what to expect, hit the jump for a helmet-cam view from one of Quantya's riders from last year's race.

[Source: Brammo]

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