Gashole documentary film might put our addiction into perspective

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Directors Jeremy Wagner and Scott Roberts have turned their lenses toward America's insatiable thirst for petroleum products in a new documentary. Gashole looks into the history of gasoline in America, our growing dependence on foreign energy sources and the mechanisms that keep us hooked on oil. In the process, the documentary investigates the long-held belief that oil companies buy up patents for fuel-saving technology and supposedly delves into the legislative hurdles that stand in the way of bringing new technology to market.

It's difficult to tell from the trailer just how each of those subjects is handled over the course of the film, but given how fuel prices continue to climb, odds are good that Gashole will be worth checking out. Regardless of the documentary's stance, it's clear that we better find a way to lessen our crude habit in a hurry. We don't want Donald Trump snatching up oil fields in Iraq and Libya anytime soon. Hit the jump to check out the full trailer for Gashole after the jump.

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"GasHole" Trailer

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