Ford joins GM, Chrysler in sitting out Tokyo Motor Show

An American auto show wouldn't be the same without the participation of Japanese automakers. But the inverse could hardly be said, as all three of Detroit's automakers are set to be no-shows at the Tokyo Motor Show once again.

News of General Motors and Chrysler passing on the semi-annual Japanese auto expo came back in February, with word of Ford's plan to pass just now being released. It will be the second time that the Big Three are staying back in Detroit, after having sat out the last show in 2009. Tokyo Motor Show organizers tried to attract more exhibitors by changing its venue and timeframe – a necessary move, as Tokyo is quickly losing ground to the auto shows in Shanghai and Beijing.

A slew of European automakers are set to be on hand in Tokyo, as the list of exhibitors has been released to include Volkswagen and several of its brands, as well as Daimler and BMW, along with Saab, Renault, Citroën, Peugeot, Jaguar and Land Rover. However, like its American counterpart, Fiat and its brand portfolio are notably absent from the list.

[Source: Tokyo Motor Show via Automotive News - sub. req.]

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