San Francisco garage is a hidden gem

San Francisco hidden garage – Click above to view video after the jump

The only thing separating this urban San Francisco garage from true brilliance might be the gaudy "No Parking" sign plastered to it. While the sign is definitely useful for keeping pesky commuters from parking in front of your well-disguised garage, it kills just a little of the structure's mystique.

That said, the garage door/facade arrangement's double-hinge operation is nothing short of masterful, and we shudder to think how much time, money and blood sweat and tears the setup took to pull off. Once the door has swung out of the way, it reveals a surprisingly large amount of space, for any number of automotive shenanigans, without the threat of passerby getting a peak at your toys.

For privacy, a drool-worthy D.I.Y. ethic, and not scarring the street with another ugly garage door, this workspace is is right up there near the top of the heap. True, its practical purposes may be somewhat limited, but to those who appreciate this kind of engineering, that should be of little concern. See the garage in action after the jump. Thanks to all for the tips!

[Source: YouTube]

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