Jay Leno's new Clopay garage doors – Click above to watch video after the jump

No matter where your loyalties lie in the Coco/Leno wars of aught-nine, it's hard to argue with Jay Leno's enthusiasm for all things automotive. The guy is who we would be if money flowed out of our ears and we suddenly developed an unnatural affinity for denim. Usually, when The Tonight Show's prodigal son opens up his garage, we're focusing more on what's on the turntable inside than the actual doors themselves. Not this time.

It looks like Leno has partnered with garage-door manufacturer Clopay to show off the newest addition to his carriage house. The comedian ditched his old doors in favor of new five-layer mahogany units that supposedly offer increased security in a mouth-watering package. The move changes the whole look of the garage.

Clopay's website won't tell you exactly how much each of the company's models cost. It simply rates each unit on a scale from one to five dollar signs. We're guessing Leno's package probably fell well into five-dollar-sign category, even with the plug on Leno's site. Hop the jump to see a video of the new hardware.

[Source: Jay Leno's Garage]

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