Volkswagen wants to bring three-row CUV, subcompact to U.S.

Volkswagen is working hard to make sure it accomplishes its North American assimilation plan. In order to fully realize its ambitious 800,000-unit volume target, the automaker will be required to introduce an even greater variety of vehicles into its existing lineup. Jonathan Browning, CEO of Volkswagen North America, says that he and his team understand this, and a few new VW family members could wind up in U.S. dealer showrooms.
According to Car and Driver, Volkswagen believes that an additional crossover is needed to help round-out the lineup. This vehicle would need three-rows of passenger seating, and its crosshairs would target the likes of Ford's Explorer and the Honda Pilot. For whatever it's worth, the scuttlebutt we've heard is that VW is considering a stretched Tiguan to fill this duty, as a three-row Touareg would be too costly for the family-oriented segment.

Volkswagen could also be looking to go small. Though its current European-market Polo seems like an easy solution, VW believes that's not the case. The car is not ready for U.S. consumption, and it would require a bit of "Americanizing" before VW will sell you one.

We love the Polo and are looking forward to whatever form in which it arrives, but we'd love to see us some Scirocco and Amarok, too.

[Source: Car and Driver]

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