Team Lotus to acquire Caterham

Colin Chapman's legacy is a great one, without a doubt. But Lotus – the automaker and engineering firm he founded – isn't the only one wielding it these days. So, too, do a number of manufacturers that build "continuation" versions of the famed Lotus 7, chief among them Caterham. And so does Team Lotus.

The latter Formula One racing outfit, as you may recall, originally licensed the name from Lotus' Malaysian parent company Proton. It then bought the team name from an outside party laying claim. All of this prompted a legal battle between the racing team and the automaker which is still ongoing, a situation that was further complicated when Lotus itself got into the sport by buying into the Renault F1 team.

Now it appears that the Malaysian-owned racing team could be seeking to outflank Lotus itself by buying-out Caterham, the leading manufacturer of contemporary Sevens, as well as new models like the SP/300R. A press conference is reportedly scheduled for next week, so we'll find out soon enough if the reports prove accurate. But for now, they certainly sound intriguing.

[Source: Autosport | Image: Caterham]

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