PSA: Using an armchair as a replacement seat is a bad idea

Ottawa police were conducting roadside seatbelt checks as part of the Spring Seatbelt Campaign, when one of their stops brought an unexpected surprise. A green Chevrolet minivan's driver got into some trouble thanks to the aftermarket passenger seat he installed. This was no Sparco or Recaro, mind you - the driver went with something more akin to a La-Z-Boy.

You see, an armchair resided where the passenger seat was once bolted down. An unrestrained armchair with a thought-deficient passenger riding shotgun. The 33-year-old driver was cited for operating an unsafe vehicle, and he was also charged with driving on a suspended license. The cops scored a two-for-one, and the passenger was lucky he didn't have to pick windshield out of his face.

[Source: | Image: Ontario Provincial Police]

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