New electric car drivers finding a home at RV parks

Change is inevitable and, with gas prices rising, industries related to the RV world are reinventing themselves in order to keep up with the evolving demands of the market. Even the so-called "RV Capital of the World," Elkhart, IN, is trying to change its ways. It seems the push there is to now become known for making EVs, starting with the Think City. But this isn't the only tie between RVs and EVs.
Last year, we wrote about electric vehicle advocate Chad Schwitters driving his Tesla Roadster from Washington state to San Diego, CA. As we're all aware, our public EV charging infrastructure is pretty dismal, making such a long journey might be unthinkable to less-creative EV drivers. Schwitters, though, employed some out-of-the-box thinking to charge up at RV parks along the way.

With more EVs on the roads and with gas consumption at about 7-10 miles per gallon for those compact homes on wheels, RV parks are - probably experiencing lower occupancy - are reinventing themselves. Savvy park operators around the country are making it known that EVs are welcome. Maryland campground owner Russ Yates has had such high demand that he had an EV charger installed just outside his office. He offers a four-hour charge for $8.50 on 240 volt, 50 amp power which would get a Nissan Leaf mostly charged up (unless your battery is completely drained, then you'd have about a seven-hour wait). During charging, EV travelers may take advantage of the snack shop (more income for Yates), internet access, and the park grounds.

Perhaps in the near future, the ubiquitous "RV Park" signs we see along the lonely highways will read "EV + RV Park." In that case, leisurely EV road trip, anyone?

[Source: Wired | Image:jamesfischer - C.C. License 2.0]

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