Report: Ferrari speeding ahead with CO2 reduction

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Think of Ferraris and the most direct correlation you're likely to come up with to the color green is the money you'll spend on one. But the fact of the matter, according to reports, is that Ferrari is gaining more ground in its commitment to reduce carbon emissions than any of its competitors.

The results come from the latest annual study conducted by JATO Dynamics on the European automobile industry and its requirement to cut the carbon emissions of its vehicles by a quarter by 2015. Rather than average the achievements over the model ranges in a company's line-up, however, the study takes sales volumes into account. That's how Ferrari – whose cleaner-burning California reportedly accounts for nearly half of its sales – has managed to reduce its average emissions by 46 g/km, down to 326 g/km in 2010, to nearly reach the half-way point in its program.

By contrast, Aston Martin has only cut 0.6 percent, Lotus 3.2%, Bentley 1.9 and Lamborghini 1.5. While Ferrari, Lotus, Bentley and Lamborghini can amortize their figures into those of their parent companies (Fiat, Proton and Volkswagen), independent Aston Martin doesn't enjoy that luxury, prompting the creation of the Cygnet city-car to help with its carbon reduction scheme.

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[Source: Autocar]

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