Production 2012 BMW M5 will debut at Frankfurt Motor Show

BMW M5 Concept – Click above for high-res image gallery

Images and details of the BMW M5 Concept have been soaking up the Internet's bandwidth for the past few days now, but the fierce four-door hasn't even motored onto its plinth at the Shanghai Motor Show yet.

Given its production-ready appearance and the Bavarians' propensity for such things, there appears to be precious little about the Shanghai show car that's actually conceptual, but even so, we haven't had a clear bead on where the salable F10-based BMW super saloon will show up – until now.

Autoblog has learned that the 580+horsepower production M5 will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September, and by the time it makes the scene, BMW's elves will no doubt have fitted a full interior and spec sheet.

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