Report: Jeremy Clarkson's vacation home vandalized after right-of-way argument

Vandals on the Isle of Man tore down sections of a fence that runs around Jeremy Clarkson's £1.2 million vacation house. The vandals are likely angry about Clarkson's disruption of a public right-of-way that he said disturbed his privacy.

The Top Gear presenter has been in a legal battle with walkers on the Isle of Man for six years, after he diverted a footpath that he thought ran too close to his vacation house. The walkers say Clarkson obstructed a footpath he had no right to obstruct, since it's a public right-of-way. So far, the government has sided with the walkers.

The walkers started a group a few years ago called PROWL, Public Rights of Way Langness, to better fight the battle, but PROWL denies any knowledge and involvement in the vandalism.

[Source: The Daily Mail]

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