Diamond-studded Ferrari book to fetch $275,000 [w/video]

The Official Ferrari Opus book – Click above to watch the video after the jump

A good hardcover book can run you $30 or more; a pretty penny in any market. But if you want to own The Official Ferrari Opus, which is published by the Kraken Opus division of the Opus Media Group of London, $30 wouldn't even pay for shipping.

The New York Times reports that the tome weighs in at 82 pounds and measures 19.6 inches tall. In the book, there are 200,000 words and 2,000 photographs spanning 852 pages. Each example is bound in rich, red leather, and all copies are protected by a carbon fiber case. And the price?

The base book, which will consist of 4,100 total copies, will set you back $4,100, and it will arrive signed by Ferrari Formula One drivers Felipe Massa and Fernando Alonso. Step up to the 500 copy Cavallino Rampante edition, and it will contain a random collection of signatures of Ferrari greats, past and present. The price? $7,000.

From here, the books really get interesting. The $37,500 Enzo edition will be limited to 400 copies. Each volume will be individually numbered and will be signed by all living Ferrari World Champions on a silver-foiled signature sheet. Fancy, but not fancy enough for everyone.

The last book, which cost a staggering $275,000 (the price of a 458 Italia and the Enzo book), will feature 30 diamonds that make up the shape of the Prancing Horse. The purchasers of this book will be entered to win a replica of the Formula One car driven by seven-time F1 champ Michael Schumacher. Only 30 of these ultra-exclusive books will be offered, and only one will be sold in any one country.

That's exclusive, but not the most exclusive. The very first book printed will go on tour during the F1 season, collecting signatures along the way. When the tour is over, the book will be sold at auction, with the proceeds going to charity. Hit the jump to watch video one of the only car books that will ever make you drool.

[Source: The New York Times]

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