Ford Outsells GM In March U.S. Sales

Ford continues to surge, while GM stumbles after going public last November

DETROIT (AP) -- Ford sold more new vehicles than General Motors in the U.S. last month as buyers snapped up new, fuel-efficient models such as the Fiesta subcompact and Explorer SUV.

March was only the second month Ford Motor Co. has outsold GM since 1998.

Ford says its sales rose 16 percent over last March. Among the strongest sellers was the new Explorer, which saw sales double over last March.

Ford said buyers gravitated to smaller, more fuel-efficient cars and SUVs because of rising gas prices. The new Fiesta subcompact saw sales jump 56 percent from February. The Fusion sedan and Escape small SUV also saw big increases for the month.

Ford sold 212,777 cars and trucks in March. That is 6,100 more than GM.

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