D'oh! Electric car gets parking ticket while using public charger

Meter maids in the UK have come under fire after ticketing an electric car while it was juicing up at a public charger in Conventry. A parking warden spotted an electric Tata that overstayed the three-hour time limit and ticketed the vehicle on the spot.

A passerby – actually, a city worker who wishes to remain anonymous – snapped pictures of the ordeal and told the local newspaper that:
I took the picture because it made me think that we've got all these new charging points and we're pushing this big green agenda, but when people start taking it up the first thing that happens is that they're hit with a fine. I presume it got the ticket because the driver had left it there for more than three hours. Yes, there are restrictions there but I think it comes back to the point that if you want people to adopt new technology don't penalize people for using it.
The whistle blower recommended that the city council reconsiders its parking policies, stating:
If there has to be a limit it should at least be extended to as long as it takes to get the car charged. If people don't think they can use that space because they're scared of getting a ticket it's defeating the whole point.
How did Coventry's city council respond? By releasing this non-apologetic statement:
The ticket was issued as it was observed the vehicle had been parked for more than three hours. There is a sign indicating there is a three hour limit. The driver has the right to appeal if it was felt it had been issued incorrectly
In response to that, the anonymous city worker had this say:
It would be brilliantly ironic if it turned out to be a car belonging to a member of the council.
[Source: Coventry Telegraph via All Cars Electric | Image: Charleston's The Digitel – C.C. License 2.0]

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